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Chris Nason

I chose extended due to all the options available. I love the house rules and even with all the bells and whistles the game is really light by today's D&D standards.

Rachel Ghoul

I think I looked through basic and standard once or twice, but ultimately Extended has been the thing for me– your houserules really scratch the itches I had.


I always liked Basic the best- it has the least amount of rules, which is what I want. I just want a system that lets me start playing with a minimum of fuss, which is what Basic is.


@Brent: I thought of that, but if it was mainly the names/amount of material, I'd think Basic would have the least downloads and Extended the most with Standard in the middle. However, that's not what I'm seeing. Basic is more popular that Standard. Color me confused but curious.


I think some people are purists (Basic), and others want all the bells and whistles (Extended). I dl'ed all three because I like the idea of a progression.


I chose Extended because I figured it would have the most to offer. As you know, I've houseruled it fairly heavily to something that works very well at my table. Basically, I wanted the most options to choose from, and I'm quite happy with the selection!


I downloaded basic because what I want from Microlite is the minimal form of the 0e rules: the version of The Game where the rules get out of the way as much as possible. I then got extended because it contains all the add-ons, so I can pick and choose supplementary complications from the broadest palette available.


That could be due to the products' names. Why get the Basic or Standard version of something when you can get the Extended version?