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Hey, that's awesome! I'd like to print it but it would be possibly too big 😀

Have you considered uploading the collection (or just the basic rules) to the OSR conservation process?


When the old Microlite site went down it hasn;t been pretty.


Randall, is there a way I could donate with a m/o?


Amazing! Six pages of rules, and now the extras count over 1000 pages!!

Hmm. That Dark Sun variant makes me thinking…

Thanks for collecting these Randall.

Shane Mangus

Thanks for taking the time to put this collection together, Randall! You have made life much easier with you efforts. 🙂


@ADD Grognard: Have fun. There are a lot of new games/new variants that weren't in the 2010 edition — some of them really excellent.


If phones still had hooks mine would now be off now.

I love the Meta-game of M20-finding and collecting all the variants that exist.

Time to begin uh readin'!

Thanks Randall 🙂