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I have what B&N is now calling a "Nook 1st Edition". It's about a year old and works great. I don't want a tablet as they are too big and too heavy. The Nook I have is light enough that I can read it in bed (holding it up) even when the arthritis in my wrists is bad. It's just horrible for reading most PDFs.


I could use my mobile phone to read PDFs. Naturally you have to zoom a lot and it's scrolling a lot both horizontally and vertically. Otherwise I can stand it but my mobile phone memory doesn't support bigger files!

Now I am looking to buy an Android tablet or Nokia Lumia 800. I have to find out how well those are able to handle PDFs. Ebooks or other formats I don't use so PDF capabilities must be top notch.

Thanks for the hints for converting tools. I might need these some day.


Which Nook do you have?

I bought a Nook tablet. I seem to recall that my Nook manual claims it can read CBR (comic book) format, which is really just a bunch of images numbered sequentially, zipped, and the .zip extension changed to .cbr.

There's a free program called Comic Converter that converts PDFs into .cbr format. It will do this even with pure text PDFs, creating images of each page, but that's normally not what you want. What it would be good for, though, is PDFs that are mostly images. I think this is Windows only, though.

I have some free UNIX-y utilities that convert PDFs to plaintext files and either maintain the format as much as possible with tabs/spaces or strip formatting. I can then feed this into Pandoc, which converts plaintext and other formats to many other formats, including epub. There's also a couple free utilities that will do the PDF-to-image thing, just like Comic Converter, but these are all cross-platform.