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As for alchemy, I'm currently leaning toward option 3: sorcerers can use them easily, others have to pay HP to activate them.

A read scrolls special ability for adventurers? I like this, especially if there is the chance of misreading that thieves had in early editions.


(4) Potions do not replicate spells, they have discrete effects. More old school but harder to adjudicate beyond providing a price-list.


You could advance Sorcerers in a manner similar to Adventurers. That way they can't easily get every special ability and you get some variation among sorcerers. They could begin with core abilities at 1st (Minor Magic; Cast Spells from Memory). Then at each of 2nd and 5th they choose a special ability (Scribe Scrolls; Bind Spirits; Alchemy; Runecarving).

Hmm, Alchemy… I see myself trotting out the dreaded Potion Miscibility table, mwahaha. Some options that come to mind:
(1) Alchemy functions identically to Scribe Scrolls. Only sorcerers can use potions because they are stored spells.
(2) Alchemy functions identically to Scribe Scrolls except *anyone* can use potions. To offset this you might want to have potions cost more, take longer to produce, or they work at a cost (see below).
(3) Potions cost HP to use. Let's face it, they're brewed by crazed sorcerers who are exposed to all sorts of weird stuff, and they're probably toxic as hell. Sorcerers don't lose any HP using them but everyone else does.

Oh, further to — another special ability for Adventurers could be Read Scrolls. Basically hearkens back to the old Thief knack for deciphering magical writings.