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I like Fenway5's suggestion to have the two lists monsters. Most of the enemies faced by S&S protagonists are humans or animals, so any monsters should be monstrous indeed.

You might emphasize spirit creatures on the 'weird' list (things like Invisible Stalkers, djinn, lesser demons, possibly incorporeal undead). Your standard skeletons, zombies and ghouls are all good. Things like lizard men, yuan-ti, and doppelgangers could be present as hidden races (like Lovecraft's Valusian serpent men).

The more weird D&D beasts, like rust monsters, eye globes, and coeurl, could be summonings from alien realms or complex bindings — in other words, using the Monster Summoning spells. That leaves them available as statlines but not running wild (and not an issue for encounter tables). They could be found in a sorcerer's tower but I wouldn't see much place for them running loose in a sword-and-sorcery ecology.


Good ideas, folks. Considering Nanok (one of the characters in my playtest was almost killed by a lion today (after it had killed 3 men-at-arms), my players have a bit more respect for the "mundane animals".

@Hamel: Special thanks for the link to the 3e Conan stuff. I don't think I'd ever seen that before.


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In a hyborian game, for example, I'd do giant animals or things like that. Dinosaurs, dire beasts and just monstrous and giant versions of beasts.

To that I'd add some demons and undead, since those feels right in.

Then there are of course some more mythos influenced stuff like the goo and tentacles. Those fit as well, I'd say. And snake men…

But, the best way to handle monsters in S&S is as GM advice about two legged monsters.

My two cents, anyway.


Conan fought different apemen and demons, in the books.

Anyway, IMHO you can find inspiration here (it's 3E material but you have monsters listed for any single book):



Taking a page from my own game designs, I would suggest two lists of monsters: The wild and the weird. Wild can be filled with all manner of normal beasts, dinosaurs, and giant sized/dire beasts. The weird would be your undead, or other magical monsters.