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Have to say I feel the other way about it. I didn't like Arcana Unearthed/Arcana Evolved, MCWoD never did anything for me, so seeing that he's left makes me more enthusiastic about 5e. And really, the people who liked Monte's stuff are all playing PF anyway.

Chris Nason

Insiders speculate that Cook left not because of the 5E design but rather a conflict with Wizards/Hasbro.

I'd still rather play M74 Extended. Maybe I can get Cook to turn Arcana Evolved into an M74 setting? Maybe? 😉


Regardless of one's feelings about Cook, it's not usually a good sign when one of the lead designers pulls out in the middle of a project. Who knows, maybe its all for the best. It's just that it smells like blood in the water.


@Chad: My interest in 5e has been waning the more I read about it. The hype WOTC is putting out surrounding the game is really worrying. For example, I can't imagine any way a player with a 1e-like character and a 4e-like character could happily co-exist at my table. With Monte leaving, i figure the chances of getting a 5e I wold be interested in playing have dropped so my interest drops.



IMHO he's always been a kinda overrated game designer: his work on 3E has always obscured what Tweet and Williams did too, we shouldn't forget about it.

I will miss his funny L&L articles, anyway.

Chad Rose

My interst in 5e is literally exploding! 3.5e is re-released through B&N, and Monte Cook leaves WotC while the public playtest is announced for May 24th…

How can your interest wane?!? Hell, I mean, I don't care if I don't like the game the same as anyone else (I have my fallbacks too) but to say your interest is waning is like saying that asteroid headed for Earth probably won't hit us so I'm going to go buy some TP and a "Hungry Man" microwave meal for dinner tonight.


I'm with you on that. My admittedly marginal interest in 5e has now decreased even further. I wonder what precipitated the departure.