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There is plenty of individual action in 4E.

Due to the Nature of the RPGA, my Halfling Paladin was quite a mixed bag. He had to provide taunts to keep an enemy in check, had to have the Alchemist Feat so he could use Alcemist Fire and Shock to take down waves of minions, in case a controller was not present, and he was a skilled rogue on top of it all.

Oh, sure, he wasn't *great* at any specific thing, but he could fill a lot of gaps for being just one person, and given that everyone else was playing crazy built loons as well, sometimes you don't end up with a cohesive team, and a bunch of really specialized individuals that didn't do much of anything.

Going off and doing things on your own also happened from time to time. Not all challenges were written as classic skill challenges, after all.

I could see if you were playing with a regular group, you would definitely want to capitalize on having a solid strategic plan and usage of powers. The rules provide for that, if you want to take advantage of them.

For sure, I prefer Teamwork to No Teamwork, and the Rogue and a few other Characters suffer when they had no one to play off of, but that never stopped individual action.

I will say that some people never get past looking at the system part of 4E, though. The crutches for 4E are different than the crutches for previous versions of the game. While Teamwork was built into 4E, choosing your characters correctly can mean that you don't have to do it.

Philo Pharynx

I don't neccesarily think it should be required, but I like to see options for people who want to play characters focused on helping other characters. Warlords may be new, but bards have been around for a long time. And that kind of party support is one of the big things about a bard. Clerics have also had lots of options to do more than healing.

I think they will be there in DDNext. We just haven't seen them because we haven't seen much.