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Justen: You really didn't cause any problems. Had I really wanted the name I would have emailed you and worked some out back in 2009. I almost did, but after thinking about it decided that "For Gold & Glory" was really a great name for a 2e retroclone. 🙂


Hello, Justen here. Funny story about the name. It was originally and unironically called CRAIG (Classic Rules and Index Guide) but I was justly scolded for how stupid that sounded. I thought about what adventurers truly seek and the "three g's" every Elementary school drills into your head about the motivating factors of explorers during the Age of Sail: "God, glory, and gold." Well, religion and "God" is subjective, especially in a make-believe fantasy game about dragons and elves so I just made it "Gold and Glory." Buuuut there was a documentary titled that (about Spanish explorers, what do you know?) so I added a "For" just to distinguish the work.

Sorry if I stepped on any toes because in 2009 I had just learned what a retro-clone was when someone pointed me to OSRIC. I have to give props to this blog because whenever I got pingbacks to my website during a major update it always came from here.