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Rachel Ghoul

Why wouldn't I be?
Damn shame about those arguments, though.


Sadly, dinosaurs did not happen because they caused too many arguments. Whether they should be listed as a large number of individual types (like 1e) or a few generic types (like RC). If listed as individual types how accurate should their names be (e.g. Brontosaurus or Apatosaurus). Etc. Dinosaurs caused more arguments than using Hit Points as Spell points (microlite20 style) did. After a while, I decided the game did not need dinosaurs after all.

I'd be happy to consider your monsters for M74 as long as you are okay with then being released as 100% Open Game Content under the OGL.

Rachel Ghoul

Looking through it I notice a continued lack of Dinosaurs. I was told earlier this summer that there would be Dinosaurs.
If you need I do have quite a few homebrewed monsters I'd be happy to run by you, among them the terror-lizards.
Never know when you'll need them, after all.