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Rachel Ghoul

You could do like 4e did, and when using 6 attributes, eliminate Presence saves, and make the other saves based on the higher of two attributes: STR or CON for Fortitude, INT or DEX for Reflex, and WIS or CHA for Will.


A quick solution for the Saving Throws issue could be assigning (during PC creation) the M74's Strength Bonus/Malus to STR or CON but NOT to both of them (same for WIS/INT with Mind).


You could make saves against mental attacks equal to the *higher* of Int or Wisdom, and likewise use the higher of Strength or Con for physical saves. You would only have to note this in one location, then record saves as mental, physical, reflex, and influence.


@FirstFort: That's certainly much less wordy than I was thinking of. If I do one set optional, that's probably how I'll handle saves. Thank you for the idea!


Maybe something like "Save vs Strength (Constitution)" or "Save vs Mind (Wisdom)" so the base 4 saves are preserved, but the optional, more-specific 6 saves are also specified?

The same thing could be applied to bonuses as well: "Drinking this elixier gives the character a bonus to saving throws vs Mind (Intelligence)".

It makes it a little more cumbersome, but I think provides a lot of flexability for the cost. It also allows 4-save sources and 6-save sources to be used without much problem at all.