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Richard Magnelli

I love the idea of 3 classes + more concise backgrounds; this is the best idea hands down.


BTW, interested parties will hopefully soon be able to discuss stuff like this on a Microlite74 message board. One of my players has volunteered to handle software maintenance and spammers for me — the two things that really killed previous board attempts. The board is being setup this weekend.


@Silver Fox: I've currently thinking about going both ways on attributes: either 4 attributes and optional rules for 6 or 6 attributes with optional rules for 4. However, that would make saving throws harder to handle in the spell, monster, and treasure lists.

Silver Fox

Some very good ideas. I like them all. Some thoughts:

At first blush, I'm excited by the idea of having the 6 standard attributes, but I wonder how much of that is just driven by nostalgia. I like the 4 attributes in M74 Extended, and they work well, so I guess I'd have to see how using 6 affects the game before passing judgment.

As for experience, anything that maintains the old school feel of slower advancement is a positive for me.

I'm so glad that you're going to do M74 Plus; I can't tell you how exciting it was to see your post. I'm sure I speak for many when I say that your efforts, time and care in these projects are deeply appreciated.


very good!

Chris Nason

I like the M74 XP scale the way it is. And I'm for keeping just the four ability scores as well.


Totally agree on the smaller XP scale. Earn those points and make them count, eh? 😉

Rachel Ghoul

(As an addendum– I would suggest a four-class system rather than three, rounding it out with Specialist.)

Rachel Ghoul

What about Macrolite74?

Definitely support adding 1e monsters and treasure, and perhaps spells.
Not SURE about the four classes plus background thing, but would prefer more information before I form an opinion.
Kind of dig the current XP scheme, would hate to see it go.
No strong feelings on the ability scores… would they each have their own save, or would it still just be the four?

As always feel free to get in touch if any of my homebrew material could help, I've been fooling around with stuff for a while.