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Chris Nason

Yeah, that guy has issues.

Try-outs are fine. It's your game, your house, so your rules. If he doesn't like it he can get over it.


No doubt at all that we are better off without this guy. It's hard to believe he is in his 30s as he acts like he's 13 — a very spoiled 13.


I do not understand some people. You are well rid of that one.

Also, Joseph Bloch and ravencrowking are very wise, indeed – which is to say that I agree with their comments wholeheartedly.


See? You just proved that new player tryouts have value. Could you imagine if this guy was in your group for six months before you realized what a wanker he is?

Greyhawk Grognard

I've gotta say, that's a persistent one, all right. Serve's you right– he didn't want to be in your stupid game in the first place, so THERE!