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Rachel Ghoul

As a followup, my eternal egger-on and editor Mattias wishes to pass along his answer: 3.5 and Hermione because, and I quote "she would be able to have a well thought-out setting that is both internally and externally consistent and well fleshed out. At no point would PCs be treated with radically different rules from everyone else because they're PCs. And at no point would players be expected to have arbitrary meta-knowledge of the system or tropes involved. She'd be clever enough to outwit the players and ensure power balance through being smart and fair instead of arbitrary bans. The smart players who build strong characters would be fully expected to carry the less smart ones who are unable or unwilling to learn the rules as fully (after all that's basically what SHE did in her education). Easy choice."

Rachel Ghoul

TSR: B/X or retroclones thereof (With the occasional supplemental class)

WOTC: 4e. Or better yet a fantasy-ized Gamma World hack.

Potter: Luna Lovegood would probably come up with the most interesting hooks and stuff… Hermione would probably have the most well-thought-out setting…
But I'll go with co-DMing by the Weasley Twins, I think they have exactly the right ethos for it. (That said, Luna and Hermione are tied for my favorite characters)


AD&D Second Edition, with Professor McGonagall DMing.

Gordon Cooper

Moldvay & Cook's Basic/Expert D&D run by Luna Lovegood.




Either 1E (no UA or nonweapon proficiencies) or oE (no supplements), with Hagrid running the game.


I'll give you two. First, the game I'd like to play in is AD&D 1E with Snape as the DM. He's my favorite Harry Potter character and I think the game that best suites HIM is 1E.

My favorite game, though, is B/X and for that you need Dumbledore. He's the kind of DM that makes you feel at ease with his warm personality, all the while hinting that there are deep and esoteric things hidden in the back of his mind. His rules interpretations would be firm but fair and, once you got deeper into his campaign, you'd realize that damn basic wand had been an artifact THE WHOLE TIME!

Philo Pharynx

Hermione would be 4e. She's the type of person that wants consistent rules and a framework that has internal consistency.

Ron would be AD&D 2e. He'd want something that's easy to run off-the-cuff but he'll want enough options to keep it interesting.


If it has to be D&D, then I'd go for 3.5 and I would definitely want it run by Fred and George Weasely. They're like a single character together, so it would have to be both of them. I think if anyone could pull of dual-GM'ing though it'd be them 🙂


My choices were BECMI D&D and Snape. Snape is probably my least favorite Harry Potter character, but I imagine he could run a very interesting D&D campaign. Not sure I'd have my character test any unidentified potions, however.