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Diogo Nogueira

I am very disappointed with 5e also. They promised a game that could be played like older editions, like D&D B/X, AD&D, or even the post-WotC D&Ds. But what I see is just a remix of 3.X and 4e. That is all. I will not buy this.

I just hope they continue to republish older edition books.

Rachel Ghoul

Speaking as an (ex-)4e fan, we're not getting represented much at all, particularly in the "fluff" department. If anyone is it's the 3.5 people, likely in an attempt to reclaim fans they lost to Pathfinder. For the forseeable future, ML74 is the only D&D I need.


Callin: All we really know is that a majority of the fans sending feedback to WOTC want the game to go in this direction. Chances are 4e fans are over-represented because they are WOTC's current customer base and were already in contact with WOTC through their message boards.

WOTC does not seem to be taking any type of scientific sampling for everyone currently playing any form of D&D, so neither they nor we have any idea what the majority of fans actually want.


I definitely will NOT be buying Next… The only good thing to come out of the Wizard's closet was the OGL (and you can bet your last copper they'd yank that back if they could).

I've totally gone back to the basics and am currently playing Heroes and Other Worlds (a lighter version of the Fantasy Trip). When I do play a d20 game it always a version of Microlite74's wonderful flavors.



Well, they know their market better than I do. I am obviously not part of that market. I had pretty much the same objections to what was there that you had.

At this point, I've pretty much come to the conclusion that there is little that DNDNext can offer me. Like 4E, I don't plan on bothering to get this one. I have 1E, S&W, LL, Cyclopedia, and such (hopefully OD&D, if my completely unsubstantiated guess about the 40th anniversary in 2014 is correct). I don't see any need for this thing that is nothing like any of the ways that I am interested in playing.


It looks like its moving in the direction that the majority of fans want. Sure, that is not the direction specific people will like, but the masses have spoken.

I'll surely pick it up when it comes out if only to see the final product. After that I'll decide what system my next campaign will be run with.