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I was 50/50 after the first playtest and my enthusiasm keeps dropping and dropping too. If they released only "Basic" 5E as a stand-alone game, I might buy that, but I'm not interested at all in what they consider "Standard" and "Advanced".


It seems fairly clear to me from what WotC have said in the article series that a) the playtesting has concentrated on new content to add to the advanced and standard bits, so it obviously didn't reflect the core game, and b) the modular idea is alive and well and living in the advanced game.

Read the advanced article carefully; there's your modularity. You can't run a game using every single one of the features they propose there because some of them mutually contradict each other.

Chad Rose

I know I'll purchase, most likely, the Basic version to check it out.
Would I possibly switch out our campaign to it?… Mmm, depends, 5e kinda got away from me as it evolved and I lost interest. But hey, maybe they'll hit a homerun with it and we'll all want to play, if not, I think we all have plenty of games ready and waiting.