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I'd be happy to check them out and to help ID whatever I can, Randall. Shoot me an email when you'd like to discuss them further!: grodog@gmail.com.



@Grodog: We looked at the photocopies during the game yesterday and I may have been wrong about them being tournament dungeons. The ones we could sort out easily look to be copies of adventures ran at early DunDraCons and I don't think DunDraCon did actual tournament dungeons the way GenCon did. However, there's a lot of stuff that isn't (at least not obviously) from DunDraCons. Worse, the material is in no order. It looks like someone took a couple of hundred pages of photocopied material tossed in in the air a few times and piled up the result. If worst comes to worst, I could probably scan all this stuff at some point and send you a copy. I expect you might be able to make more of it than I can. Then again, it may all become clearer once I get it all sorted out.


Hi Randall—

I'm sorry to hear about the passing of your friend. That's always hard. It sounds like you guys had gamed together a long time, so hopefully you'll have lots of good memories from your time together.

When you have time, I'm very curious to hear more about the tournaments adventures you received: I'm working on a big update to my early D&D and Greyhawk tourneys web page @ http://www.greyhawkonline.com/grodog/gh_tourneys.html and would welcome any new info you can provide.



Sorry to hear about your loss. Alaskas not that bad over all. Little cold in the winter, kinda warm I the summer.

Jay Exonauts

That's quite the inheritance! Sorry to hear about your friend. But it's wonderful that you're honoring him by donating to the cancer fund.