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So, your basic problem is the price and the idea of a premium edition?

But, if the going price is $100 for a regular box, it just makes sense to sell them that and more for $150.

Sure, I'd love to see that box for $10, but that's just not going to happen.


That's like saying that since a original copy of the First Folio (a collection of 36 of Shakespeare's plays published in late 1623) sells for 5-6 million dollars, a modern printing with those same 36 plays selling for $100K would be a great price. I suppose some might think so. I don't.


So, what's bad? It costs more than $100 to get a white box, and they will offer it and include expansions for $150?

Why would you (general you here) not buy that to play it? Sure it's a bit expensive, but so it getting an origianl white box to play. Even more so, in fact.