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Rachel Ghoul

Solution is simple: Have fewer demihuman NPCs.

Nathan Harwell

Well, that's only true if you don't plan to create very many NPCs. I usually detail quite a few NPCs at the start…and I can't speak for Randall but I certainly wouldn't be thrilled at having to create multiple new classes to account for them. That – plus the very awkward proficiency system – are the only two things I don't like about ACKS.

I do agree with Rachel, however – ACKS is definitely a great source of inspiration.


The primary advantage of racial classes is that each class is self-contained. You don't need to worry about how a new class interacts with established races. Because of this, you don't actually need to create all possible racial classes before play begins, you only need to create the ones that a player actually wants to play. And even then, you only need to create one level at a time.

Rachel Ghoul

If nothing else ACKS is a fine game and worth mining for inspirational purposes.


@John: Separating race and class is no longer an issue. I found a thread late this afternoon on the Autarch forum about adding bloodlines to humans provided a method that should be easily adaptable to races.

The reference to 1e spells is from the Lords & Wizards "project specs". My Sunday group has talked me into trying to create a modern version of the 0e plus stuff from 1e and B/X system I used back in the late 70s and early 80s. I started playing with OD&D and just added what I liked from AD&D and then B/X as they came out. More on L&W in this post: Early Plans for my Next Free RPG: Lords & Wizards


As an ACKS DM, I definitely agree that producing a wide range of racial classes for custom races is a right royal pain. My take on Trapping is that it's for dealing with big game; it says up to elephant sized. Building a foot snare for a human-sized target might fall under Adventuring instead (which is our usual solution to most things; item value appraisal, swimming, and climbing non-sheer surfaces all fall under it as far as we're concerned). Not sure what you mean about 1e spells; could probably just leave them alone as 1st level and little ill would come of it.