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@Jer: Starter Traveller back in 2010 is free again? That's a fantastic deal. I wrote a post on Starter Traveller back in 2010 when it was free for a short time: Traveller Starter Set Examined. Everyone with any interest in old school Traveller should pick this up.


There's also "Starter Traveller" – a scanned PDF of the old GDW intro rules. Available for free on RPGNow – http://www.rpgnow.com/product/80190/CT-ST-Starter-Traveller

Despite being called "Starter" it's a "starter" from back when that meant something more like "D&D Basic Set" than "teaser intro to the game" so it's three booklets and around a hundred pages total – well worth downloading and reading through if you like old school and haven't checked out Traveller yet.