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@Rachel Ghoul: One of my Sunday players just suggested using the same method for FB 0 classes as for FB positive classes, but if they don't roll a 1 on the d6 both stunt and attack fail. This does not make the odds quite as bad on average for FB zero classes, but it avoids having two separate methods. We'll have to playtest it to see how it works in practice.

@Psychoman: The combat systems for Microlite20 games (and for B/X which M81 is based on) aren't nearly that detailed. You hit and miss (and an optional critical on a natural 20) and there is no defender roll to compare things to. It would be possible to use amount rolled over but this would push the game somewhat far from its source. Perhaps as an optional rule, however. Microlite74 is known for its reams of optional rules. I suspect Microlite81 will be as well.


I'm not familiar with Microlite but RuneQuest 6th Edition includes a whole range of "Special Effects" thast can be used when one combatant gets a full level of success over an opponent, either as attacker or defender (you roll for parrying). By level of success I mean Fumble-Fail-Succeesd-Critical. Special effects can include Bleed damage, trip, change range, disarm, stun location, choose location etc. If your game has passive defences ie a to hit target number then maybe if you roll better than the target number by a set amount, say 5 for d20 systems, you could then pick a special effect, in addition to the basic hit. This rewards the higher skill without reducing the chance to successfully hit in the first place. Multiple effects could be applied the higher above the target number, eg 10+ above gets 2 effects, 15+ 3 effects, and keep the more powerful effects such as choose location or "bypass damage reduction" for the higher tiers.

Rachel Ghoul

I like it. That's a lot more elegant than the Mighty Deeds knockoff I offered up last year.