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Simone Spinozzi

Rachel please elaborate

Peter G

I agree, it sounds odd. I shoot target archery with the SCA. I don't see how having hit a target (ie a kill) that I get any extra shots by shifting targets. If anything I'd end up putting an extra arrow in the opponent since I might not realize it's truely dead.

Maybe, if you want the extra complexity, that final shot that does more damage than needed for the kill allows a retargeting which is played out as another shot at a new target.

Rachel Ghoul

I think, Simone, you're mischaracterizing the logic at work.

Rachel Ghoul

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Simone Spinozzi

missile cleave is stupid. However. If the basis for cleave is "i am now free from direct attacks and have the chance to hit again", then on the same basis by default ranged attacks should be allowed more times per round than melee because you are already free. Then, following this logic, if somebody comes into melee with a ranged fighter (s)he is now "not free" anymore and can attack less.


Call it Rapid Shot if used for ranged combat instead of Cleave. Weirdness gone!

Seth Drebitko

I'd lean towards rorschachhamster's view, or just ditch it for ranged. It's sort of the price you pay for typically being well away from a fight.


Maybe an inverse cleave would make sense? Like if you hit a target with low hd without killing it, you can shoot another arrow as long as it's standing, because you have it in your sight…
Well, it does not make much sense either, but a little more, maybe. 😉


In my opinion, for whatever that's worth, missile cleaves is stupid.

Rachel Ghoul

I can definitely see your objection, but I think it makes as much sense as, say, hit points. If it helps you think of it this way: Having dropped opponent X you're able to shift your attention to shooting at opponent Y, or opponent X is no longer in the way of your shot, or things like that. You could also go for another sort of situation where the subsequent targets have to be along a line (representing a single arrow punching through one into the next) or closely clustered (So you don't have to adjust your aim much between shots).