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Venger Satanis

A bunch of emailed playtest packets isn't the way to go for a new player. That would certainly put me off.

Anyways, that's awesome about introducing new people to the hobby via MicroLite. Swords & Wizardry is another great intro system.

Jeremy Murphy

Why didn't you just tell him to sign up for the WotC playtest for free to get the current Next Rules?


I agree completely. The original rules were 3 small booklets, and pretty reasonably easy to pick up and play with. The rules were not really mathematically balanced, but they certainly did the trick, and lots of GMs simply modded the rules, or house ruled their own. It's been a pretty steady climb in terms of number of rules, and books, and versions… so it's nice to have a simple rules set to work with – especially for people new to RPGs.