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jdh417: Thank you for catching those errors!

There are quite a few differences between the thief and the assassin, but I suppose the assassin having a non-zero fighter bonus could be considered the main difference. Others are the thief gets a larger variety of theft expertise (but the assassin gets disguise), the thief gets some ability with magic, stronghold differences, and weapons and armor differences.


Hope you're doing better. I took a glance over it today and noticed a couple of things.

p.4 Melee misspelled in Barbarian class abilities
p. 6 Typo in Ranger stronghold
p.50 In Wargaming, Survival sentence

Also, the main difference between an Assassin and a Thief seems to be the Fighting Bonus. Is that correct?

You might consider breaking up the the material into different documents or putting a bit more organization into it. For example, put all of the optional character characteristics, like advantages and disadvantages and backgrounds, into the the same section.