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Rob Kuntz

Yeh. The pros and cons side. But, what you do is personalized art (as Gary, Dave and myself preferred), the other is closed down design which money was made from. I am very good at it, but I don't like dungeon design. It is very restrictive/unintuitive if it doesn't stay open and instead adheres to a script, which all mission adventures do. They are two different beasts, actually. More people should just create these things themselves and learn the processes from this as thousands like you did 1974-1977 or thereabouts. Then we could focus on specific resources and design theory again rather than waiting on objects.


Rob: Thanks for the kind words. However, Gary, Dave, and you all have me beat as I seem to have a number of published adventure with one of your names attached. Y'all can do both, while I can't manage to do the published adventure format. This isn't a big deal to me, but my inability to turn out adventures like I do rules does seem to annoy a few fans. Oh well.

To be honest, if I had not started playing in 1975 with just the brown box and Greyhawk, I wonder if I would have been able to DM as I do (or even at all)? If I'd had a bunch of published adventures to try to design up to, I doubt the first level of my first dungeon would have ever been finished enough to see play. Even the Temple of the Frog in Blackmoor or G1 would have set the "writeup needed" bar higher than I'd likely have had to time or interest to meet. Fortunately, the first "professional" adventure I saw was Palace of the Vampire Queen and my reaction was "wow, my dungeons are every bit as good as that." That wasn't my reaction to Temple or G1. LOL.

Rob Kuntz

This is not a flaw, but a gift. The ability to extrapolate from bare bones traces its path back to Arneson, Gary and myself. Dungeon design is mainly a linear process whereas extrapolating and building ongoing and emerging content is a granular one. The first is easily mastered through imitation while the other is learned through countless hours, days and years of artful enterprise. Continued good luck with your projects–RJK