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Scott Anderson: The biggest change for me will be the writing style I use to write up the FA rules. As you say, it's all practically the same behind the screen. I think my players were surprised by my "Huh? Sure, if that's what you want" reply to their request. I believe they had a number of arguments ready to convince me. 🙂 OD&D, S&W, B/X, LL, M74, M81, DD… It doesn't make any difference to me.


Badmike: I will try to make it for at least one day this year. Unless my wife quarterly pain treatment falls at the same time. It's in June — date up to her doctor. Last year, it was the Saturday of the con. Who knows this year.

Scott Anderson

Yeah, all the games you mentioned run the same behind the DM screen. It's not like you have to make a ton of changes.


Garland TX? You need to hit NTRPG con this June now, no excuses!!!