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Rachel – I think the credit should go to those who wrote the 5e variants. All I did was find them and finally remember to put them in the download area. 😉

Rachel Ghoul

You know, just this week I'd been thinking about how to go about a Microlite 5e. So this is wonderful timing, now I won't have to grapple with it myself! Randall, you're the master of anticipating my gaming needs.


Andrew – The links in the post take you to a file description page. To download the file, you then have to click on the file name (just under the blue download name bar and just above the Filesize/Views/Downloads/etc. line — it has a file extention of .pdf). It's the same system as on the old and really missed (by me, at least) Microlite20 SMF forum.


Thanks for the mention of my "Ultimate" games but the links don't seem to work. The latest versions are here at my website: