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I think the Scroll option works best. You're not giving them the spells to learn, you're selling them scrolls of the magic. Possibly it 'works' but is not able to be scribed into the players books. If you don't hand over your monthly tithe, you lose the rights to purchase scrolls at cost, instead at retail price..250% mark-up for non-members

Matthew Skail

Sorry…meant to say the guilds provide those things so you need to tithe regularly.

Matthew Skail

Another option, casting magic requires mind expanding drugs, rare reagents, and hyper complex astrological rituals to attune a caster. Without these being used regularly, the knowledge is useless (you know how to shoot a gun but lack ammo).

I've not heard of G&G till now, but I really like the RQ vibe.


Another option: the guild uses a geas to ensure that members remain in good standing. This also has some storytelling potential.


Huh. I am totally unfamiliar with the cult rules you're talking about, but the concept you outline sounds pretty cool…very "swords&sorcery"-esque.

Regarding your three options for making it work, I prefer the 2nd and 3rd to the 1st. However, there's a 4th option found in pages of S&S books: the requirement of a one-time sacrifice for knowledge. This could be any number of things, depending on the particular guild: giving up an eye or two (a la Odin) for knowledge, or one's right arm, or 20 years of your life for training. Lots of different possibilities, and the option to "ramp up" the sacrifice to obtain different levels of training.

Very cool indeed.