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The local players liked it at first (except for the guy who suggested doing magic the same way who still likes it), but once the XP penalties from the treasure costs showed up, people like it a lot less. The Waco group quickly saw that issue and decided it was "too different". I've been coming up with new rules for 40+ years and know that many of them are going to fail the "Player Test."

Every cleric starting a new cult of a new deity would be a really interesting idea for a game designed around a specific setting, but not a very good idea for a game intended to be used with a large variety of settings like those I create.


Hmm, that's too bad…the gist I got from our last post on G&G was that people enjoyed the cult rules so much you were considering expanding them to wizards.

Have you seen this recent post from Trey:


Perhaps something akin to Option #1 mixed with your cult rules might be interesting?

From what you've written about the magician, perhaps it isn't distinct enough as its own class.