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Matthew Skail

I agree, these are cool! As a creator myself, even though I charge for my products, art is expensive and stuff like this is great. I've tried to do it myself but never managed it, I would love to know the filters and other processes you use if you don't mind sharing!


For those wanting to know how I did these, when I have the procedure better developed I will be making a post detailing my method. Warning: it uses Android software that I've never seen on Windows/Linux.


Cool work. I'd second the request for how you did it. I tried some stuff with GIMP, but the results sucked.


They look fairly good and have a consistent style, which is nice. The ones that have more solid tones to begin with (specifically the dice and the backlit tree silhouettes) show the process too much for my taste and read as modified photos much more than drawings. It might be worth reducing the scratch effect on those, or avoiding that type of photo.


Actually, these look pretty good!!

Reese Laundry

I like 'em! I've struggled with a similar process myself. You can often find fantasy art that's good enough to use, but in my case, I'm looking for more modern pieces – especially cyberpunk or Shadowrun type art.

Can to expand upon the tools and process you've come up with in more detail?