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mikemonaco: We are slowly settling in. Getting the house modified for Donna's disabilities has taken a lot longer than we had hoped, but everything is finally coming together. I'm hoping that I will be able to actually find time for games — both designing and playing — by the start of 2017.


Welcome to Ohio! Hope you and your wife are settling in ok!

Gordon Cooper

There's always Origins in Columbus, too.


Wow…just in time for football season! Bengals or Browns?
; )

Hope the settling in goes smoothly for you and the wife.

Tim Snider

Welcome to Ohio! (I'm south of you in Mansfield.) Lots of gaming in the state, with Con on the Cob happening in October in your backyard. U-con in Michigan is probably a 2 hour drive away, and other cons (Gen Con, Gary Con, GameHoleCon, etc.) are now within easy driving distance.

Michael S/Chgowiz

Glad to hear you're OK. Ohio can be rough in winters, just depends on how it goes.

And now you're closer to GaryCon and Chicago… just sayin'…


infocyde: The climate here already seems easier on my wife. Even the two days in the low 90s we had did not seem to bother her. The fact that it cools off at night (instead of dropping from 100 or so to the low 80s by the next morning) probably has something to do with it. The humidity is still high (IMO) but it is not bothering her — she hasn't even turned her dehumidifier on in her office area.


Good to hear you survived the trip, and that it seems Ohio is easier on you. Good to have you back, Randall. Virtual hug for your wife.

Holly Oats

You've just made a horrible mistake. Once you come to Ohio, you can never leave! :p

I'm all the way on the other end of the state, so I'm afraid I won't be able to join. I should really free up some time and start running my own campaign at some point


I hope the new environment really helps with your wife's MS and you meet local friends quickly.

Brian I

Glad to hear you're all well.