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Bizarre question, if I may. May we purchase M74U directly from you? It is my understanding that DTRpgRightNowNowNowHurry requires a hefty chunk of that $9.95 from the creator and/or publisher. I don't know how much and it's none of my business. But you gots bills, and every little bit helps – I'd just as soon you get every shekel.


@Rachel: I've actually had a request for a print version, but I don't think my layout in MS Word is up to that. So, yes, I might take you up on that offer. BTW, my apologies for taking so long to finish this and get it out. It was 90% written before we decided we had to move out of Texas for my wife's health. It only took a couple of weeks to finish up once I actually had time to actually work on it.


Finding out about this was a pleasant surprise to wake up to on a Friday! Do you want some help with layout? I'd be happy to put a few hours a weekend into it.


Thank you, Chris. I hope you enjoy it.

Chris Nason

Glad you're back in action! I'm heading over to RPGNOW to grab a copy of M74 Ultimate right now!