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I am not sure why OSR should be restrictive to TSR content.
I play D&D using any of the rules from any of the editions as my "house rules". (exception: I use material from the 4th edition adventures but none of THOSE rules, for they are incompatible) I was introduced to 1st edition AD&D then got a Basic Mentzer Red Box and Expert. Then bought 2nd AD&D players handbook. Played 3.5 and Pathfinder for years. And now LOVE the new 5th edition Monster Manual and the "Bounded Accuracy" Concept. Dungeons & Dragons is a living, evolving game and I see no reason to restrict your house rules to a given time frame. My home game continues to evolve as I find things that work better.
I think that making the game your own is as old school as anyone can get.

Michael S/Chgowiz

For me, it's been a mix of a lot of Philotomy's rule from OD&D (combat sequence, scroll creation), blog/forum contributions from the late aughts (Delta's Target20, OD&D Boards counterspelling, others), my own creations and adaptations from Holmes and B/X layered on top of (or replacing) AD&D 1e.

I call it… D&D! 😉


Well, of course!
: )


JB: Labyrinth Lord with the Advanced Edition Companion would be a good OGL starting point for my own "Best of TSR" edition, but it would still require quite a bit of work to be my perfect vision.


Ha! Your ideal sounds a LOT like Labyrinth Lord + the Advanced Edition Companion (both from Goblinoid Games). Your perfect version is out there!

This is something I think about and hem-n-haw over a lot. Sometimes I love straight B/X, but sometimes I find the simplicity of Holmes Basic (with abilities that provide no bonus) to be the perfect ideal. I recently had a chance to play in someone's (slightly modified) OD&D campaign and found the simplicity of unified D6 damage and hit dice to be just fine and dandy…but sometimes I want to use my various dice to model different effects.

In other words: even for a single individual (me) what I want from my D&D game changes a lot depending on setting, scenario, nostalgia, and whim. So many neat ways to accomplish so many different things.