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It was your Microlites thatbrought me back to RPGS after an almost 20 year absence. I knew not of 3.0, 3.5, or 4, and didn't care. I wanted the game I knew and loved in the 1980s. And a few years ago when I found Labyrinth Lord and the Advanced companion, I found the game I played… that most people played. And now you want your shot to put your spin on it. I say great. Go for it. Maybe your flavor will taste a bit more natural to me, or someone else. But never think, for one moment, it is a waste of time.


I considered doing something like this myself a few years back (like seven or eight). At least reorganizing the B/X game (with certain additions) into a similar fashion as AD&D (a players manual, DM guide, etc.). But it fell way down on my priority list of projects because:

A) I couldn't decide on titles I liked.
B) I couldn't see how I could make it more interesting and/or useable than the books that already exist.

[also, I figured some of my other projects WOULD be more interesting to people likely to pay me]

In all honesty, I (now) think such a product would be a little redundant…and would probably not pursue it myself. HOWEVER, that doesn't mean it isn't worth doing. Just having a copy of your game of choice…all in a singular reference book…is a great idea (what I call "D&D Mine"). And I'm sure there ARE at least some folks who would like such a reference, whose preferred style of play is just what you're describing. But there may not be much of a market for it, unless you can really tart it up with some decent artwork and such.

That's what I think. Sorry if that's kind of a damper.


Think it's a wonderful idea and await the result!

Brett Slocum

As one of those people who wanted this in that post, I applaud you. Can't wait to see it.