Poker_RPGTabletop. Massively multiplayer. Live action. Roleplay is an incredible means of engaging in escapism, and it’s the most pure, immersive form of enacting a role in a new world that you could ever hope to engage in. Allow me to introduce you to a concept that’s a little step to the left of your traditional RPG experience – poker.

Poker is an incredible experience if you’re willing to roleplay at the table. There’s a tactical edge to being able to mislead those you play with, whether you’re going to run with it only in text or you’re going to start bluffing in person, your experiences as a wild-eyed barbarian or a cunning rogue are going to assist you well when it comes to toying with the minds of the card-wielding forces arrayed against you.

It’s also not that unlikely an alliance – there’s even a poker RPG out there in the World Wide Web. Then if you consider the reverse – a poker player giving roleplaying games a shot – the same transferable skills logically apply. Being able to act in character, to give little away seriously good trait in any player, especially the DM, given that it’s going to be far more fun to reveal a dragon around the next corner if you’ve looked totally innocent up until that point.

You also need a head for numbers in either game, and knowing the underlying math behind either and the element of the draw in terms of rolling dice or being dealt cards are going to provide you with significant advantages, even if you’re sitting in the poker-RPG middleground of Magic: The Gathering.

So the next time you’ve run out of campaigns for the night, why not get a deck of cards out? Same goes for you poker players curious about the world of RPG. You’d be shocked at how many times the two approaches cross paths.