B1 – In Search of the Unknown for Classical D&D

B1 - In Search of the Unknown for Classical Dungeons and Dragons

Publisher: TSR
Item Code: 9023
Title: In Search of the Unknown
Author: Mike Carr
Published: 1979
Format: 32 page book

Description: This package (a cover folder with maps and descriptive booklet within) forms a complete module for use with DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Basic Set. It is especially designed as an instructional aid for beginning Dungeon Masters and players, specifically created to enable new Dungeon Masters to initiate play with a minimum of preparation.

In addition to descriptive and situational material, this module also includes special informational sections giving: background history and legends, listings of possible monsters and treasures and how to place them, a list of adventuring characters, tips on various aspects of play for the Dungeon Master, and helpful advice for starting players.

Comments: This adventure was designed as a teaching tool for both players and dungeonmasters. Many rooms in the dungeon were intentionally left empty for the DM to fill in. There also was a lot of how to run an adventure advice as included. This adventure is a good first adventure (and a great tool for learning to be a dungeonmaster, but B2 was probably a better “first adventure” experience.


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