Revised Expert Set for Classical D&D

Revised Expert Set for Classical Dungeons and Dragons

Publisher: TSR
Item Code: #1012
Title: D&D Expert Rules Set 2
Editor: Frank Mentzer
Published: 1983
Format: box, 64 page rules book, X1-The Isle of Dread, dice, crayon

Comments: This boxed set was designed to take Classical D&D character from 4th to 14th level and introduce wilderness adventuring to players and dungeonmasters. The included adventure, X1-The Isle of Dread, was an excellent introduction to wilderness adverturing (both on land and at sea). This was the second box in a set of 5 boxed set designed by Frank Mentzer to take characters from 1st to 36th level and possibly beyond into the realm of the immortals with 36 additional levels. This was the standaard version of Classical D&D TSR used from 1983 onward. For some reason TSR gave this product the same item number as the earlier 1981 edition of the Expert Set. This made things very confusing.

From the back of the box:

This box contains all you need to continue the Adventure:

Endless hours of adventures.
The D&D Expert Set for character levels 4-14, including more combat rules, magic spells, treasures, monsters and added rules for Wilderness adventures.
Module X1, Isle of Dread. A combined wilderness and dungeon adventure on a remote island filled with savages and prehistoric monsters!
All the dice you need – six different kinds included with marker crayon.


Specially designed to expand your FUN into a whole Fantasy Universe.

Continue the Adventure with the D&D COMPANION SET – with more advanced rules, more treasures, more monsters – and MORE FUN!

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