Caverns of Thracia for Original D&D

Caverns of Thracia for Original Dungeons and Dragons

Publisher: Judges Guild
Item Code: #102
Title: Caverns of Thracia
Author: Paul Jaquays
Published: 1979
Format: 80 page book

Description: An 80-page booklet designed to accomodate characters of the 1st and higher levels. some segments of the adventure will be a pushover for low-level groups, while other areas may send great lords and patriarchs ducking for cover. The dungeon complex has four main levels and one minor level, plus a legendary lost city. The local monsters are aware of each other and will usually work together to destroy an adventuring party. The booklet includes guidelines for random encounters, the lost city, and much more. Caverns of Thracia has been created and officially approved for use with D&D.

Comments: Paul Jaquays was one of the best adventure designers in the eraly days of D&D and this adventure is an excellent example of Paul’s designs and easily one of the best adventures every published for Original D&D. Like most early Judges Guild products, early printings are rare, but any printing will do for playing.

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