Immortals Set for Classical D&D

Wrath of the Immortals Set for Classical Dungeons and Dragons

Publisher: TSR
Item Code: #1082
Title: Wrath of the Immortals
Editor: Aaron Allston
Published: 1992
Format: box, 128 page rules book, 96 page adventure book, 2 foldout Known World maps

Comments: This boxed set was designed to go with the Rules Cyclopedia. It replaced the old Immortals Boxed Set with a much easier to understand set of rules for immortals both as NPC “deities” and as player characters in an Immortals campaign. It also included a normal mortal level adventure “The Immortals’ Fury” that would forever change the Known World setting.

From the back of the box:

Immortals. Warriors of the Outer Planes.

Wrath of the Immortals unveils untold secrets of how to play and create Immortals in the World of Mystara and other dimensions. The frightening power of the Immortals, their strange worlds and their secret alliances are revealed at last, but is it in time?

And then the final confrontation. In the name of the Immortals, the two greatest empires of the Known World clash in a brutal war. The world has gone mad… will both disappear from the face of the earth? Wrath of the Immortals amazing saga take heroes on a six year quest, with adventures from the apprentice to the highest levels of the game.

  • Create new worlds, wondrous artifacts, and entire new races!
  • Complete rules to create and role-play PC and NPC Immortals
  • Details a host of awe-inspiring Immortals in the Known World, the HOLLOW WORLD, and the outer planes
  • Reveals all on the mysterious Pandius, City of the Immortals
  • Contains a 128-page referee’s guide with Immortal-level spells, abilities, character classes, and monsters; a 96-page campaign saga covering the entire world; two new, updated poster-sized maps of the Known World and the empires.

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