Dragon Crown for Original D&D

Dragon Crown for Original Dungeons and Dragons

Publisher: Judges Guild
Item Code: #76
Title: Dragon Crown
Author: Michael Mayeau
Published: 1979
Format: 16 page book

Description: 16-page dungeon contest run at the 1978 Pacific Encounters Convention. You are crawling down a damp, dark tunnel under the ground, with a group of your fellows. You are mercenaries on another assignment. Well, not just another assignment, you are working for a huge, evil Red Dragon. If you succeed, your reware will be the pick of his treasure hoard. If you fail, it will be death!

Comments: This dungeon is designed for tourament play. It can be fun, but DM modification to remove some of the tournament limitations is strongly advised for regular campaign use. Like most early Judges Guild products, early printings are rare, but any printing will do for playing.

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