Dungeoneer’s Survival Guide for First Edition Advanced D&D

Dungeoneer's Survival Guide for First Edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons

Publisher: TSR
Item Code: #2019
Title: AD&D Dungeoneer’s Survival Guide
Editor: Douglas Niles
Published: 1986
Format: 128 page hardback book

Comments: This book talks about designing dungeons and various underworld monsters and civilizations (for DMs) and about exploring dungeons (for players). This is definitely an optional book as one can run a AD&D for many years without actually requiring the information in this book. To be honest, this book seemed more like an attempt to increase TSR’s cash flow than to add important material to AD&D.

From the back of the book:

“…In the impenetrable darkness of the underearth, unimagined terrors and uncountable treasures await.”

For beginners, advanced players, and DMs, this book open up grand new vistas in the realms of the underdark, that little-known region of dungeons and caverns far beneath the sunlit world of everyday existence. The worlds of subterranean adventure await!

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