Frontier Forts of Kelnore for Original D&D

Frontier Forts of Kelnore for Original Dungeons and Dragons

Publisher: Judges Guild
Item Code: #71
Title: Frontier Forts of Kelnore
Author: Dave Sering
Published: 1978
Format: 32 page book

Description: This 32-page booklet provides a basic, modularized map of a border fort (all Kelnore forts were designed to these specifications). Since their contruction, the forts have been populated by various monsters and tables are provided to put in random groups of creatures and individualize the forts on these basic designs. There are three sample forts, filled out according to die rolls on the tables, to illustrate their application. Using them, the Judge can easily create on the same basic map a different “dungeon” every time his players get together, this provides the maximum playing time with a minimal investment of the Judge’s money and design time. This product has been created and approved for use with D&D.

Comments: This is more of an adventure generator than an adventure, but it was one of my favorite Judges Guild products. I had an early, and very large, empire use these forts so they could be found in many places. The ruins of these forts were a great way to have a quick adventure or to be a base for the bandits, orcs, etc. Like most early Judges Guild products, early printings are rare, but any printing will do for playing.

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