Original D&D Boxed Set

Original Dungeons and Dragons White Box Set

Publisher: Tacital Studies Rules (aka TSR)
Item Code: #2002
Title: Dungeons & Dragons 3-Volume Set

Author: Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson
Published: 1977
Format: 3 digest-sized rulebooks, reference sheets, white box

Comments: The white box edition of the original Dungeons & Dragons rules contains the basic rules needed to play in three digest-sized booklets:

  • Men & Magic: Rules for character creation, combat, and magic.
  • Monsters & Treasure: Descriptions of monsters and magic items.
  • Underworld & Wilderness Adventures: Rules for running games and information on designing and running adventures.

Required Additional Materials: Chainmail (only if using the original combat system instead of the alternate combat system), lots of polyhedral dice


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