Ready Ref Sheets for Original D&D

Ready Ref Sheets for Original Dungeons and Dragons

Publisher: Judges Guild
Item Code: #14
Title: Ready Ref Sheets Second Edition
Author: Bob Bledsaw, Bill Owen

Published: 1978
Format: 56 page book

Description: A 56-page treasure trove of reference charts and tables from data supplied in the first six Judges Guild installments of the Guildmember subscription. Includes tables for character social levels, street encounters in the City State, poison types, metal and gem types, civilization and technological levels, non-player character cutups, combat tables, construction and research guides, movement obstacles and wilderness terrain, beggars, shock recovery, crime and punishment, guards and garrison troops, resurrection results, special encounters, and much much more. This is an ideal purchase for the beginning Judge. This playing aid has been created and approved for use with D&D.

Comments: The first edition is about 15 loose sheets. It is rare, expensive, and not nearly as useful as the second edition. Unless you are a collector, don’t bother with it. While this isn’t an adventure, it is probably the most useful non-TSR supplement for Original D&D ever published.

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