Unknown Gods for Original D&D

Unknown Gods for Original Dungeons and Dragons

Publisher: Judges Guild
Item Code: #420
Title: Unknown Gods
Author: Bob Bledsaw, Mark Holmer, Paul Jaquays, Mike Petrowsky

Published: 1980
Format: 48 page book

Description: This illustrated booklet contains complete statistics and comprehensive descriptions of 83 gods. Find out about Dorak, the God of Peace; Grismal, Guardian of the Underworld; Suthak, the Goddess of Fertility; Kuvartma, God of the Moon, and many more.

Comments: Gods are described in a format similar to that of Gods, Demi-Gods, and Heroes except that all gods in this book are original creations and receive about a half-page of description. If you are looking for original gods instead of deities from Earth mythology, this is a great supplement.

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