Verbosh for Original D&D

Verbosh for Original Dungeons and Dragons

Publisher: Judges Guild
Item Code: #108
Title: Verbosh
Author: Bill Faust, Paul Nevins
Published: 1979
Format: 80 page book

Description: This booklet with color cover details the city of Verbosh and surrounding wilderness areas, including the villages of Warrenburg and Haygaras. Verbosh provides thorough coverage of street encounters, underwater adventures, two complete dungeons, and two wilderness areas. More than the usual dungeon adventure, this is a complete micro-campaign that will keep the players busy for days on end… if they survive. The two dungeons include the three-level sewers and dungeons beneath the city of Verbosh and the nine-level Schawang-Nau Tower.

Comments: Although it is not obvious from the description, Verbosh is a complete campaign setting centering on the small city of Verbosh. However, there is a large amount of terrain described around Verbosh with villages and encounters. This is a great setting for a small (area-wise) campaign. Like most early Judges Guild products, early printings are rare, but any printing will do for playing.

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