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4E and 2E meet Microlite75 — 12 Comments

  1. Michael: Homewrecker? I hope not. While the boyfriend didn't impress anyone, he's probably fine when he's not completely out of his element. I really don't think he thought what we were doing was a RPG. RPG apparent means combat encounters loosely linked by story to him. And by that definition, we don't play RPGs.

    Shane: You're right. You never know. I expected both would be a total loss. Even after 35 years, I never can tell for sure.

  2. Excellent! Carry on the Conversion of the Innocents, Brother Randall.

    Great story 😀

  3. I always hear how Story Focused 3rd & 4th edition games are supposed to be, but I kinda have to agree, what little I've seen of them focuses far more heavily on combat than my classic games.

    Its no wonder the new editions give the characters more Super Powers than the X-men, its the only way they can survive. A 0ed wizard may only have one spell, but thats only crippling in a combat heavy game, in all my games the wizard was handy for his knowledge of things magical, and his ability to bluff.

  4. I had thought about converting my campaign from Swords & Wizardry to Microlite74 more than once… In fact, everytime I go to a RPGCon I carry a few homemade M74 sheets with me, ready to use them if the situation call for them.

  5. Just goes to show that you never really know who will click with a specific group and who won't. I have to admit, though, the boyfriend seems like a jerk if he is bothered by his girlfriend having fun that he can't understand.

  6. I've gotten into it with people who thought the purpose of D&D was minis and how it was a wargame; that playing a character was not what the game was meant for. Most others on RPG.net took him to task for that view, so much that I didn't really have much to say after they came to my defense, but it's still annoying to have people think that it's the *only* way to play.

    In my mind combat exists as a way to spice things up a bit, bring some adrenaline and a sense of urgency to things — exactly what it does in fiction. I don't subscribe to the "do this so you can generate a +1 or -2" system of 3.x and later editions. The way I play, if you choose to parry or tackle someone it has a real and immediate effect on the game.