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A Chess Master on D&D Edition Wars — 9 Comments

  1. Wasn't there some type of 4-D chess in a Star Trek novel? I think you could send pieces through time and they would pop in on a later turn. I remember this because McCoy managed to beat Spock.

  2. Chess has evolved slowly for a very long time – for my money it reached its peak with Shogi. Fischer was undoubtedly a unique genius and some of his criticisms of the game do strike home, in my view. But he didn't propose something unrecognisable.

    Similarly, OSRIC takes the stand that some AD&D material is not needed and has struck it out.

    These things are a long way from what WotC have done to D&D.

  3. I'm not an old schooler per say, but I share a love of the game. Glad to see your posts.

    Adaen of Bridgewater