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Coming Very Soon: 2012 Microlite20 RPG Collection — 9 Comments

  1. I was surprised to see how many new or revised M20 games I have collected over the last 18-20 months. Some of them aren't so "micro", of course.

  2. Hey Randalls!

    I'd like to get the DungeonFinder books into the collection if possible. The links are in a post on the M20 boards and I think they're still good but if not I would be happy to send you ones that definitely work.


  3. @Chad: The three DungeonFinder books I have are in the new collection. I'm trying to decide if I want one 50-60 meg book or if I need to move the three DungeonFinder books, Microlite20 Golden Edition and Grimmlite20 to a second volume as each of these items are 5 megs or more. Heck the 21 page Grimmlite20 is 11 megs because each page has a different background image!

  4. I think a split would be best…once pdfs start getting over 20 meg it gets hinky if you are running very much else on the average PC or netbook, pad,etc

    So, yeah, even 3-20 meg files would be good.

    BTW-Any ETA yet?…you know I have been waiting for these as patiently as possible 🙂

  5. @ADD Grognard: ETA is early this week, probably Monday or Tuesday. It'll be two volumes. The first volume looks to be around 1100 pages and 22 megs. The second volume will be around 300 pages and 30 megs. There's a lot of new material.

  6. Excellent, glad you have the DF files.

    And, Grimmlite, yeah lots of artwork but man they did a great job with that game.

    Looking forward to it!