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Found: Palace of the Vampire Queen — 6 Comments

  1. It is a pity that old nostalgic pieces such as this can't be made available free of charge somewhere. They're not the best of adventures & interest lies in the fact of their being an early look at RPGs & D&D.

    Ever take a look at some online auction sites for this or other pieces of RPG history? Some people want WAY too much money for their pieces of history.

    I guess it makes for a good retirement plan…


  2. Tim: I haven't decided what to do with it yet. My wife's first thought is use it as a prize for a RetroRoleplaying Cancer Fund drive. I'm not sure about that as I really would like to keep some of my old stuff. I do know I will not be selling it on eBay as I've gotten to really dislike dealing with eBay as a seller.

    Allan: 2nd printing? Thank you, I had not had a chance to go out to The Acaeum to look.

    I'm glad to hear that PotVQ is going to be reprinted. Any chance The Dwarven Glory and Misty Isles might be reprinted as well? I had The Dwarven Glory back in the day (maybe it will be in the box too?), but never saw a copy of Misty Isles and would like to.

  3. For more info on the POTVQ reprint, sign up at the North Texas RPG Con site (ntrpgcon.com) as updates and information will be listed there first. 100 copies were printed, and they were first offered to those attending the 2010 NTRPG Con the first weekend in June. We sold quite a few copies of the reprint (which is digest sized) at the con, and will sell the remainder at RPG Marketplace (rpgmarketplace.com) in the near future.

    Plans are underway to reprint both Dwarven Glory (for NTRPG Con 2011) and perhaps Misty Isles in the future using the same format (digest sized).