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G2 Squared: Homemade D&D Module From 1981 — 4 Comments

  1. @mwschmeer,

    My apologies. However, it would be hard to credit your blog entry when I never saw it. I found the link to the PDF version in a post on a forum — no mention of your blog entry.

  2. @Randall: Which forum? I posted a blurbs on Dragonsfoot, the S&W forum, ODD74proboards, the Goblinoid Games forums, and Knights & Knaves that all linked to my post rather than the file.

    Of course, I'm glad news is spreading!

  3. It was one of the general RPG/D&D forums I quickly check every morning: RPGnet, theRPGsite, enworld, giantitp, or piazza. Most likely one of the first three.